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Not what I voted for, continued

I continue to be highly disappointed by the Obama Administration's conduct in the case of Binyam Mohamed. Now our Department of Justice is threatening the British government if a UK court discloses what happened to Mohamed under US custody.



I had forgotten how unbelievably long the Pee-Wee's Playhouse opening credit sequence is.

The Panic of 1873

I ran across this article from a historian at William and Mary proposing the Panic of 1873 as a better historical model for the current crisis. I thought it was very insightful and that you might find it interesting.



The Real Great DepressionCollapse )

Sticky Tape and Rust

This show, "The Secret Life of Machines", was such an integral part of my childhood.

The spin jumps prove to be important.

hecateuse, I think I remember your liking the impossible Mario level I posted a few months back. These are even better, though without the frustrated commentary.

EDIT: Actually, there turn out to be tons of these under the title "Asshole Mario Stage X". Most of them turn up in the additional videos after they finish. God, I would blow my top after one.


I got the job! I start on Monday.

Up for a sweet gig

Keep your fingers, toes and various other appendages crossed for me, folks. I had a great interview for a pretty sweet job at Pavlov Media in Champaign and should hear back today or tomorrow.

Jul. 27th, 2008

This is pretty impressive. A class at Concordia University in Montreal rotoscoped a Girl Talk concert as a project. Rotoscoping is a process by which you create an animation by tracing over film of live action frame by frame.

I still haven't seen Waking Life or A Scanner Darkly. Need to get on that.